The Expelled Movie

This movie is a MUST SEE guys!
"For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God." Deuteronomy 4:24 And, yes, he is.
The new Ben Stein movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, quotes Richard Dawkins, who rails on against God for this very aspect of His character. (Actually, Dawkins reads from his book during an interview with Stein.) His invective so totally shows a lack of understanding, shared with many today, of the absolute goodness, truth and love of God - who loves his creation and is jealous for us - of whatever pulls us away from him to our own detriment; and the lies of the enemy engage that "wrath of God." He cannot tolerate evil and what is allied with it.

My little granddaughter said she "had to plug my ears when I heard what that dumb guy was saying about God." What was funny though was the way Stein brought Dawkins to the point of saying that maybe we were seeded by more intelligent aliens from another planet. One scientist had the brilliant suggestion that molecules rode in on the backs of crystals. Heigh ho silver! Anything but admit accountability to a Creator who has revealed himself to us and given us a game plan for surviving. The movie exposes (in a very entertaining way) the alarming extent to which the religious activists who are pushing evolution, will go to protect their faith. Any spirit of scientific inquiry is out the window in academia.

Well done, Mr. Stein! We appreciated hearing from honest and reputable scientists who dare to question and speak out against the monolithic spirit of politically correct propaganda coming through our media and the educational system. I especially enjoyed hearing from the author of The Dawkins Delusion, Alister Mc Grath. Another book for my need to read list.

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Petro in Paradise said...

Yes, it was a good movie.The computer animated view of the inside of a cell was the best part for me.