Steely-eyed Focus

Meet my brother's dog, Eddie. You see that ball? He's very protective of it. Fixated you might say. Puts up a tremendous struggle if you try to take it from him. You throw the ball and he's ON IT.
No distractions. It is priority one.

So, what is my focus? What is priority one in my life? Hopefully, not anything material. I was just talking to my nephew about Emergency Medic as a career option, discussing how you deal with the death of someone you may have grown close to. But, we're all on that train called life, not knowing what stop will next be ours. We're all terminal, in that sense. Only a relationship with God extends the trip into eternity. You can think of it in that way. You may be the one who keeps them on the train for awhile, and or the one who helps them get an eternal ticket.

You get the idea. Number one, top priority, intense focus needs to be that relationship with my Creator. Because I don't know, and none of us do, how much time we have.  Deep Thoughts.

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Sunny said...

Speaking of Focus did you see what Dobson said about Barrack Husein Obama? I think Dobson should stay focused on the gospel and stay out of politics.