Surfeit of Stars

Surfeit? Yes, the definition being, too great an amount or supply; excess. So, what do I do with my God-given overabundance of starfruits, aka carambolas? Mine aren't really pretty enough for the market, however, they make an awesome wine. I'm also going to try a carambola & lemon marmalade.

For the last several weeks these little stars have been dropping off the tree continuously. I've been picking them up and off the tree, slicing, freezing and filling my limited freezer space, the freezer at our office, my daughter's freezer, and still they're not done. Looks like two batches will be necessary. Six gallons each. Oh, my word (as they say in some parts) .... that's a lot of wine. Maybe I should get a license to sell it?? What do you think? Don't answer that question if you are a teetotaler. Like my husband.

At the very least I'll finally publish my recipe. Though, not at this time, as I'm still tweaking it. The last two batches - '05 & '07 were a bit cloudy. Great taste, but I probably need to add more pectic enzyme and rack it a few more times.

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