More Mushrooms

Oh no, there she goes again, with those "edibility unknown" mushrooms. But, I just can't resist. They tasted fine, and as mentioned previously, I didn't die. They're growing right outside, by the new galangal bed, and in the wood chips mulch by the orange tree, begging to be used. Though, Bob informed me he didn't want to eat any mushrooms that weren't bought in a store. Period. So, either I eat them all myself or find a more infallible source of information on this variety.

I just finished a fantastic book, The Last Chinese Chef, by Nicole Mones. I got a bit ahead of myself reading for the Cook the Books event, but do you see where this is leading? If I can just find an authentic Chinese chef, from China, I'm betting he (or she) would know these by sight. It's a possibility. So I'm putting in a call to Dora, a friend of ours who escaped from China during a difficult period there, to see if maybe she knows someone. She's also a very good cook, but I think I should invite her out for lunch. To discuss. And, I think we need to go to Honolulu. There's probably nothing suitable here in little old Hilo. I want to try the lotus leaf wrapped pork ribs mentioned in Mones' book (the recipe is on the above referenced web site.) I'll keep you posted.

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