Crepes and Grapes

A few days ago a friend and I went to try the new Crepes place in town. I was going to compare it with another new venue, one sporting a sign in front that read "Crapes". This had the makings of a really hilarious post, or so I thought.

Things are not always what you expect. Which is what comes of making judgments based upon appearances. Or, what appears while driving past and trying to check out a new restaurant, without getting into an accident in the process.

The above pictured cafe served us a lovely salad and our selection of some tasty Greek crepes, an hour after we ordered. Yes, one HOUR. There was a charming musician in a very short, flouncy skirt who donned an apron and assisted in waiting tables. Still, we waited. Everyone was mostly waiting, and waiting and waiting. A few drinks might have helped. I believe the chef was missing her sous chef. Still.

Nancy and everyone waiting
Then, when my daughter and I went to the other "Crapes" place, we discovered it was supposed to be read "Grapes". Hey, a wine shop. Nothing to do with dice. The proprietor stocks what seems to be an eclectic selection of his personal favorites. I bought a bottle of an excellent Washington State Chardonnay and one Spanish red, which I haven't tried yet. No crepes. Maybe the "G" should be made clearer on the sign. Or my contact prescription checked. I neglected to get a picture, which fault will be remedied tomorrow. Then you can judge.

Here it is. I guess if you're not whizzing by, thinking of crepes, it could look like Grapes.


Ivy said...

No matter how good the crepes were, I would not go again with that bad service!!! I am curious about those Greek crepes.

Claudia said...

Let's see, they had feta, and another cheese, kalamata olives and basil, I think, if I'm remembering right. She definitely needs more help. Want a job in Hawaii?