From Burg to Bisque

The soup formerly known as Mushroom Burg (short for Bourguignon) has now become Mushroom Bisque.  Adam, the funny and talented Amateur Gourmet posted a recipe at his site last week (which he, in turn, credits to Deb Perelman of Smiten Kitchen) for Mushroom Bourguignon.  And, it was perfect for a vegetarian dinner guest.  Actually, we all enjoyed it very much, excepting only Bob, who valiantly struggled through, confining  himself to just one remark about mushrooms tasting of mold.  He thinks they are an utterly useless food.  Which just goes to prove, you can't please everyone. Though, I do sometimes try.

With the addition of dry Sherry, some white wine, cream and a bit of water, more cream (can you have too much cream?), the blender, in its inimitable way, transformed our leftovers to a lovely bisque.  Garnished with chives and more cream on top, bread and salad, voila.  Dinner.

I love a good mushroom soup.  A favorite restaurant in town, occasionally serves an excellent version.  OK, all right, I'll tell you, it's Cafe Pesto.  Guess what, folks??  Yes, I think we've more than matched them here.  Check out Adam's recipe and make that hearty stew, (which I altered by using half portobellos and the rest a mixture of other mushrooms) and then, with anything left, you too can create a quick, easy dinner for two.

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Arfi Binsted said...

I love the soup bowl, it is so original. Soup looks good too!