Is it Spring?

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Waimea, Hawaii.  Whoopie!  Bumper to bumper traffic crawling slowly though the usually quiet, little town.  A drought afflicted season, so the trees were not flowering as abundantly as in some years.  Still... an occasion, I guess.  I was just a bit down because we didn't get to eat where I wanted.  Closed, and on such a day??  Maybe they preferred to be part of the crowds everywhere.
However, the company was good.  And, the fair style shopping.  I visited the Fudge Lady, bought an arugula plant, got some Kahua Ranch raised lamb from the lovely Ranch people.  The major food groups were covered.

But, do you know what blossom really thrills me?  One currently blooming away in my own wee orchard??
Yes, folks, MANGOS.  My favorite of all the fruits.  If we're really blessed this year, they'll actually hold onto their little progeny.  Often on this rainy side of the island they don't.
Do you see those cute baby fruits?  I am looking forward to mango season, in case you wondered.

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