Salad Burrito with Green Olive Tepenade and Feta

Continuing with the salad variations for summer theme, this is a salad  burrito, which was inspired by a salad pita I saw online recently.  Pita, burrito, sandwich, breadlike thingy you put stuff in.

I have a long history of rutlike things I do.  One of which was only buying corn tortillas.  Recently I broke the mold, went hog wild and bought some flour tortillas.  So, we had a few.

This is not a recipe.  You don't need one.  It's just a thought.  Something you might like to try and then say, wow, so glad I did!  Many variations are possible.  I used feta, but you could lay some Mexican cheese on the hot tortilla, let it get a bit melty and then add on a bit of salsa and the salad.  I used Green Olive Paste or Tepenade, and that was quite tasty.

For the salad I tossed together lettuce, chopped cucumber, avocado and cubes of feta cheese, with an oil, vinegar and garlic dressing.  Also a bit of diced daikon, and in case you're wondering why all the daikon recently, a charming Oriental gentleman brought me a box of vegetables from his garden, in return for picking lychees from our tree.  A nice trade.  Mucho daikon.  I pickled a bunch.

Next you heat your tortilla for a few minutes on each side, smear on some olive paste, add your salad ingredients and roll it up.  Slice in half if you like for easier eating.  Or, for appetizers, which we call here, pupus.

I added a few (and I do mean few) dribbles of Red Shark Hot Sauce on the side.  Very hot.  The label warns us "5 ounces of pure hell".  Seriously.


Swathi Iyer said...

Even though it is not recipe according to you, it can be a dinner or snack some time. Delicious.

Joanne said...

WHat a super healthy burrito filling! I love all that green.