Ranting with Iced Coffee

What we have here is a lovely bit of fluff, perfect for poolside or beach.  On What Grounds, by Cleo Coyle, is a cozy mystery revolving around and in a New York coffee house.  Up until page 105 anyway, where drinks orders are being taken in the coffee house.  We came to a shrieking halt right there.  And, I quote:
"Double tall cap, get the lead out!"
Sixteen-ounce cappuccino with decaf.
A shudder ran through me as I glanced up and saw the wane, (Typo note: do you think she means wan?? Wane being a verb?) pale, overanxious face of the man ordering the decaf.
Okay, I'm sorry, but decaf drinkers annoy me.
Expectant mothers I can understand, but lifelong decaf drinkers give me the creeps.  They're usually the sort who have a half-dozen imagined allergies, eat macrobiotic patties, and pop Rolaids like M&Ms when their acid reflux kicks in from anxiety over the Chinese restaurant's delivering white instead of brown rice."
She raves on a bit more in the same vein.  Now, being a decaf drinker (on the few occasions I do drink coffee) you might see how this kind of prejudicial  rant could annoy ME.  First off, I love the TASTE of coffee, whilst having a negative reaction to the caffeine.  As I mention to others, making similarly offensive, snobby remarks, some of us are actually, naturally caffeinated, i.e. high metabolism.  After drinking a cup of full strength coffee, I might find myself lying awake for maybe 3 nights, listening to my heart race.  And I do LOVE getting my sleep in. Not at all wan, don't complain of any allergies, etc. etc., sorry, and no acid reflux here.

So, we might ask ourselves, why should a request for decaf annoy anyone, unless they #1, don't have any available, or #2, are possibly feeling guilty about being clinically addicted to caffeine?  Personally, so glad not to be.

Luckily for us readers, the remainder of Coyle's book is free of derogatory attitudes.  I might even read the next in her series, as the bit of romance, mystery and NY grit - which can be enjoyed especially from afar - were good.

To celebrate I'm having an iced coffee.  Just perfect in the heat of summer. This is a drink that I first had in Australia, where "the Yank" was known to peculiarly enjoy iced tea.  Now on an occasional Saturday morning, when the crowd of women leave my home after a meeting, there is a quarter pot or so of coffee left.  Add some honey, stir well with ice cubes, cinnamon and cream. Voila!  A great drink, even if it might be made with decaf. Ha ha.  Nothing like an opportunity to do my own ranting.  We'll send this along to Beth Fish Reads for her Weekend Cooking meme.


Carole said...

Iced coffee - haven't had that for yonks! Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

Beth F said...

I love iced coffee in the summer! And my favorite cozies are food-related. So much fun to read.

Tina said...

It's so hot here, we drink iced coffee in the afternoons. Love it !
Other than the decaf-coffee-drinkers bashing it sounds like a good book.

(Diane) bookchickdi said...

My sons love iced coffee in the summer.

JoAnn said...

Sounds like a perfect poolside read! The iced coffee looks wonderful, too... have never tried adding honey, but I will now.

Kay said...

This is a favorite series of mine, but it has been a while since I read the first book. I just know that I always crave coffee while I'm reading any of the books. I seriously can almost smell it. LOL

And I love coffee, but I have it in the mornings and then I stop drinking it. If not, well, consequences. Your iced coffee looked yummy. :-)

Joanne said...

I've been drinking iced coffee regularly to avoid the heat. So refreshing!