Chocolate Date Truffles

Today, having just finished a new adaptation of my homemade chocolates, I thought they were worth posting an approximate recipe with photos. I didn't measure anything but the cacao nibs, though can guesstimate for you:
Chocolate Date Truffles
2 1/2 Cups roasted, husked cacao nibs - grind fine
1/2 Cup toasted almonds*, chopped roughly
1 Cup dates, seeded and chopped/mushed
1 Tablespoon lecithin
1/2 Cup honey
*We've been harvesting more macadamia nuts, so next time I'll use toasted mac nuts in these.

Notice the chaff flying here - I'm grinding the cacao nibs in my Sumeet Asia Kitchen Machine, which was kindly recommended by John Scharffen Berger of Scharffen Berger Chocolate Makers, whom I met at a Kona Chocolate Festival several years ago. Ahh what sweet memories that. I had the best ever mole there, inspired by a recipe of Frida Kahlo's .

This machine doesn't obtain that professional, super smooth, chocolate finish, but is fine enough for me and my truffles. Hey, we're not a commercial kitchen here. The chaff was flying about.

Now you mix in the ground cacao (cocoa at this point) with the date mixture, till well blended.

The final step, rolling them into nice little truffle balls and wrapping in cling film. Then refrigerate in a container. They will keep nicely.

The uplifting thought for the day: God didn't have to give us chocolate, along with everything else he provided, but he did. Thank you Lord!

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Sunny said...

My what lovely chocolaty photographs!