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Cauliflower in Bearnaise Sauce
This was absolutely good. I had to stop eating, get my camera and take a quick picture (though it didn't come out as clear as I'd like) so I could post it for you. And, why it's so easy ........

Not to advertise or anything. I'm sure other brands would be as delicious? Maybe.

All you need to do is wash, trim, cut up and steam some cauliflower. While it's steaming (just til barely tender) follow the directions for the sauce and put water on for your pasta (or maybe do that first). I added about 1/2 cup of grated sharp cheddar to the sauce. Then, add the steamed cauliflower to the sauce and sprinkle with some toasted macadamia nuts. A little arugula or a nice salad on the side. Oh boy.

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Sunny said...

Looks really good.The toad is unappetizing so I have to not scroll down too far.