Blogaversary Party

Macarons in honor of the day
Happy Blogaversary to me, happy blogaversary to me, blah, blah, blah. From me to me. One hundred five posts later, one whole year today, of ranting, raving, recipes and misc. other stuff for all the world to see . Ha. All two of you. Or, anyone else who doesn't comment.

A couple of the famous macarons from food bloggerland here. I have to say, if it wasn't for the fabulous internet, and blogging, reading posts from all you foodies out there, I'd have no clue what a macaron was, much less have tried to make one, not to mention duck confit, or heard of matcha, black garlic, finger limes, ganache, beignets, etc. etc. What a world! What a year! It's certainly had its ups and downs.

Kealani, my granddaughter, and I have had a great time learning more cooking techniques and trying out new recipes. Here we are making matcha shortbread cookies for St. Patrick's Day and, bottom right, yesterday's macarons (which should really have bigger feet). The only difference in the macarons from your normal, we added powdered vanilla essence and used lemon curd for one of our fillings. The other filling was a simple bittersweet chocolate ganache.

And, my deep thought this morning was, we don't always have the option of changing or getting out of a particular situation, but it is possible to change our attitude, regardless of who or what or where we're stuck with. We can not only change, but grow and improve. Yes, in all areas. My regret is that I took so long to figure it out, and years of pity parties later, it's good to celebrate.

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