Cookies With a Point

Pointed Cookies
We watched a movie (cartoon) last night, more for the kids, but the adults occasionally looked up from their Blackberry, book, or conversation too. It was Ringo Starr's old film, The Point (and it did have one, ha). So, to go with the theme of our very own, personal event, my granddaughter and I made cookies with a point. Adapting the idea from Ximena's post at Lobstersquad for a single, giant, pizzza type cookie, which you cut into wedges, with yes, a point.

We made oatmeal, chocolate-chip cookies, an old standard, and they were definitely a hit in this new guise. Next time, I believe a shorter cooking time would be even better - perhaps 12-15 min.? These were crispy, yes, but not soft in the middle. I left them in the oven, and went to take a shower ( did wonder about the wisdom of that at the time). Meanwhile, Kealani was watching the timer and the clock, armed with a silicone oven mitt. So, here I am in the shower, washing my hair, and I could smell the cookies nicely baking, then that about done smell, then at the point of going to burn if you don't immediately do something, like right away . I yelled for her to take them out and was unsure if she'd heard me. It's frustrating being in the shower and trying to communicate with the outside world. She had decided there was enough time to go put the chickens in for the night. There was, by the clock and the timer. But, the sense of smell rules in a kitchen. That's the point.


Gina said...

Oh my gosh..I can imagine everything- her armed with the mitt, you in the shower (that about done smell and her deciding there was enough time to go put the chickens in! Too funny. I bet they were delicious!

Claudia said...

Thanks, yes they were pretty good, but next attempt, with less time in the oven, will be better.