Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks, Giving Time

These precious kids are busy working at a local collection site, to get OCC shoeboxes off to bless other kids all over the world.  Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritans Purse, an International Relief organization headed by Franklin Graham.  Each year shoe boxes are filled with things a child living  in a place of famine, extreme poverty, war, or other disaster hit areas, might need, or just be encouraged to receive - toys, toiletries, school supplies, clothing, even, yes, shoes.  Each box has a label indicating boy or girl, and which age range.  I've heard some amazing stories about boxes reaching a child with exactly what that little person had been needing, down to the perfect shoe size.

It's not too late to pack a box.  Find out how.  This is a splendid time to give thanks, in action as well as word.  Most of us (here in the cyberworld)  have so much to be thankful for.

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