This and That

We are drowning in Hawaii with all the rain that's been pouring down.  The entire Island is inundated.  I need to go out and pick lemons, starfruit, plant some things, do weeding, but gardening is definitely not a happening thing right now.  I am glad that the internet is up, so I can catch up on my favorite sites, we're warm and dry inside and that there is no need to drive anywhere through the flooded streets.

On an unrelated to anything in particular note, my grandson picked this hibiscus (our State flower) and brought it in for me a few days ago. So beautiful it needed to be featured here.

Rain from the deck roof goes down a copper chain, into a rain barrel and from there, via buried hose, to the pond.  Overflowing today.

As for cooking, this is a perfect day for soup, or baking brownies.  Or, both.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

we've had lots of rain lately on our island too - it's been wonderful for nature, but not the best weather for being outdoors

Claudia said...

Luckily, I always have plenty to do indoors. And, at least it's not freezing cold. I remember it rained on Crete part of the time I was there. What happens when you go off season I guess.