House Za'atar, Togarashi, Ras el Hanout, Jerk Blend , BBQ Salt, or Whatever.....

I was reading in my March Bon Appetit about various spice blends available from all over the world.  A bottle of Za'atar had already found its way to my spice cupboard, I've been throwing together a Hawaiian BBQ Salt for some time,  and made some Ginger Salt, but a few of the others mentioned also sounded intriguing. Well, I admit to being a spice sucker, having recently ordered ground Wattle seed from Australia, and fennel pollen from Northern California.  However, more of those things need to be incorporated into my cooking.

Then, as happens, a light bulb went off when I read a few of the ingredients for Togarashi, A Japanese spice mix.   That ground kelp sitting around, ever since I had filled a spice bottle from the bulk section, winding up with a zip-lock extra, and I am ashamed to admit, none of it getting sprinkled anywhere. Yes, perfect for my very own Togarashi, together with a small baggie of extra chili powder waiting in the freezer, with similar MO.  Red pepper flakes, sesame seeds, salt and a jar of tangerine peels I had dried, now languishing in the pantry.  Those we (my granddaughter, the label person and I) picked through, dried some more, and ground, to add a nice fruity flavor.

It is very close to Spring, and I am willing to bet that you too have miscellaneous herbs and spices which are not being pressed into useful service.  Combined they may give a wonderful, quick zip of mysterious flavor, to an omlette, a soup, piece of sirloin, fish fillet, etc.  Think of all the possibilities, besides Spring cleaning.  For instance, do you just happen to have some dried rose petals?  :) yeah right, but some people may, so crumble them, and add to it ginger, turmeric, peppers and voila, Ras el Hanout.  Which, it is suggested would be great for baked fish, or rice pilaf.  A bit of dried lavender from your summer garden?  Combine it with basil, rosemary and thyme for an "Herbes de Provence."  Be encouraged to mix it up with the spices on hand.

This will go over to Week-end Herb Blogging, this week hosted by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook.


Joanne said...

I am DEFINITELY a spice fanatic...my cupboards are chock full of them! These spice blends sound fabulous!

Susan said...

I just bought my first tiny, little tin of togarashi, but now that you mention it, I'm sure I have all the fixings for it here all along.

Thanks, Claudia, for adding some spice to WHB!

Swathi said...

I have lot collection of spices than my mom. so I am proud of that. These spice blends looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love making my own spice blends and herb blends :) thanks for the ideas!

Nate @ House of Annie said...

You made your own togarishi blend! Cool + awesome. What's your favorite thing to sprinkle it on?

Claudia said...

Thanks Joanne, I'm trying to use more of the spices in my cupboard.

Susan, glad to take part. Togarashi was new to me until that article.

Swathi, Yes spices are fun as well as adding new dimensions to cooking.

Tandy, thanks. Mixing it up is fun.

Nate & Annie, since I just made it, not much. But last night I sprinkled it on 2 tenderloins before searing. Quite good!