Passover Week and Resurrection Sunday

I received this painting from a dear friend of mine, Andrea Dyroff, via the miracle of email.  Her artwork is so lovely I wanted to share it with you.  She is a beautiful person as well, a cancer (twice) survivor, and a former Drama buddy.  The original is 7+ ft. by 6 ft.!  Also, her accompanying Easter meditation, which the painting illustrates, is as follows.
Palm Sunday....the day before, Jesus was overlooking Jerusalem and knew that most of the very-swollen-for-Passover-week crowd who were there would not know who He truly was, would not recognize that indeed, He was their Messiah. He wept. So....as He entered Jerusalem amidst the crowds who at that moment thought that He was the Messiah, the crowds hailed Him, Hosanna! Hosanna! (Save us now!)  Jesus knew that in a few days most of the same people would be shouting Crucify Him, Crucify Him.
Gethsemane....alone, abandoned by His closest friends, betrayed, aware on His human level of the extraordinary, excruciating physical, emotional pain just ahead. Aware as the Son of God that He was being asked to bear, pay the debt for, the entire sin of the entire world...angst beyond our understanding.
Golgotha, Calvary..... our debt stamped: PAID IN FULL.
RESURRECTION!!!!! Victory over death. "I will send you a Helper, a Comforter, the Holy Spirit. Lo, I AM with you always!!!" I pray that You will have a life-giving celebration of this most significant of all Holy days, holidays, that whatever your present circumstances are, that the truth and power of what our Creator Father God did for us, gave to us, will energize you wherever, however needed in your inmost being! : )
Her P.S. - The "rainbowy" colors (top of the painting) are a symbol that in the death
and resurrection of Jesus
all the promises of God have their "YES". 

My hope is that you would all have a joyful, peaceful, and Spirit 
filled, Passover week and Resurrection Sunday.


Debinhawaii said...

Beautiful Painting. Have a peaceful and wonderful Passover Week.

Foodycat said...

That is a really lovely painting! I hope you are having a lovely Easter.

Noreen Coates said...

I would love to reach Andrea. If you would please give her my email, hannabelle527@yahoo.com. This is Hannah, Mary's youngest daughter.
Thank you.

Andrea Dyroff said...

How amazing that 4 1/2 yrs after your blog post of my mural for holy week, (Thank you Claudia, )it then became a connector with a young friend of long ago!