Strange Fruits

My latest citrus acquisition.  New member of the family.  These beguiling little fruits are in their infancy, some just barely in toddler stage.  Citron Hands, also known as Buddha's Hand (possibly because of its Asian origin?), came from North East India and migrated to China in the 4th century.  They seem to be in a praying position. Might be saying, yes, you too can pray.  Just try.
It's pointing at me.
The mature fruits are supposed to be beautifully fragrant and are used to perfume a room in China and Japan.  What a thought.  No more room aerosols.  Just put one of these babies in every bathroom.  Although there is no juice, the white pith is not bitter, so the whole fruit can be used in cooking. I have been inspired by Linda, a very innovative,  professional chef, doing some incredible things with citrus at her site.

I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for these guys to grow up already.  I want to know what it smells like, how is the taste different from other types of citrus, how can they be used to best advantage??  It's telling me, just wait.  Hey, no rush.  Maybe we'll learn patience here.


Hawaii Land Realty Corp. said...

How interesting. It looks like a hand, pointing to heaven.

kathryn said...

Buddha's hands are a beautiful fruit. I've made them into marmalade before, which was delicious. I'd be impatient as well.

Claudia said...

They can't even be found in our Farmer's Markets here, so looks like I'll just have to wait. The Nurseryman did tell me, from the size they are now to maturity, probably the end of summer.