Kealani and the Giant Zucchini

Possibly many of you zucchini growers out there have raised bigger ones, however this was the largest to ever cross my personal threshold.  The lovely people from our CSA sent it over, and we heard it grew to this size in one day.  The kids had named it Daily.  Nevertheless, Daily was destined to be stuffed.  I was looking forward immediately to the challenge.
I think I've mentioned she's a Drama Queen.  Don't be so sad, you will enjoy eating him.  Just watch.
First we simmer our victim in boiling water.  Had to use my biggest roasting pan, and turn halfway through, as it couldn't be completely covered with the water.
 I simmered Mr. Daily about 10 minutes on each side.  Then cooled on a rack, before splitting down the middle, lengthwise.  After that, pretty much followed the directions for Drop Dead Delicious Stuffed Zucchini at Food.com.  Where it calls for meat or fish, I used a bit of left-over ground veal, which had been stuck in the freezer awaiting the Apocalypse.  Now I don't know what we'll do when that event happens.
Topped it all off with a nice sharp cheddar cheese before baking.  The little ceramic dish is to prevent that half from slipping over on its side.  Baked for 30 minutes or so, and removed to tremendous appreciation.  She polished off several helpings.

I would recommend this recipe to anyone wanting to stuff their vegetable of choice actually.  It made for a very savory meal, as well as a positive salute to heroic effort on the part of a zucchini this humongous.

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Sophie said...

Your stuffed zucchini looks very large & ooh so tasty too, dear Claudia!!

My parents grow yellow & green zucchini's in their vegetable patch! I love mine smaller!