World Cup Green-Chile Pozole

This was my salute to the World Cup winners.  Not, that I'm a soccer fan, mind you, but it was blaring on the TV from early on Sunday.  And, as I was fixing a Dutch Baby for breakfast, Bob said there needed to be something Spanish on the menu.  So, I had a Sangria with mine, made with Alto del Carmen for the Brandy, I might add, and a Spanish red, so what more could anyone ask?  Well, dinner I guess, in honor of the World Cup winner.  It was going to be Green-Chile Pozole. New Spain, to be sure, but still....

I was in the Dr.'s office Friday, waiting for my x-ray, and read the recipe in Martha Stewart.  So, I was intending to make this before ever the Soccer Cup was in my consciousness at all.  Also, the ingredients duly noted down, were purchased before Sunday.  And, as I had assumed, the recipe was available on Martha's handy site, so no need to purloin the waiting room copy.  Not that I would, heh heh.

There didn't seem to be any dried hominy available locally, so I used the canned, which worked out fine.  It was a hearty, comforting and delicious dish.  Topped with cubes of fresh avocado, cilantro and thinly sliced onions, diced tomato if desired.  It is one of those dishes that cook slowly, filling the house with tempting smells all day, while you lay about relaxing and watching World Cup Soccer, or not.  Thank you Sunny, for pulling all the pork.  Yea Spain!

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