Nancy's Banana Splits in Waffle Cups

This Fourth of July dessert was so awesome, I felt it deserved its own post.  I'm still resting my bum, the technical name being "Piriformis Syndrome rehabilitation", also known as sciatica, pinched nerve.  Not to complain or anything, still painful.  But regardless, wanting to have a few friends over, decided to delegate a lot.  To my rib eyes, for which I actually made the marinade, were added corn on the cob and a salad, courtesy of Sunny, Bob did the BBQ thing, and Kealani made an appetizer (with a bit of my help), which was lovely puff pastry salmon mini-quiches.  Good job, Kealani!  The killer was dessert by our newly crowned "Dessert Queen", Nancy.
Here, topping off her waffle cups (lined with dark chocolate), and filled with banana ice cream, are fresh strawberries, and a bit of whipped cream.  Tooo good.  Per Nancy, the directions:

Elegant Waffle Cone Recipe
For elegant waffle cone recipe you will need the following stuff:
1 complete egg
1 egg white
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons of butter (warm)
1 teaspoon full of vanilla extract
1 cup of cake flour and
1/4 teaspoon of salt.

Take the egg white, egg and the salt and put them in a bowl. Beat them until the mix is properly blended. Then add the sugar and start stirring again until you notice the egg getting light in color (this will take like a minute or so). Now its time to add the flour and the vanilla and mix it really well so there are no lumps left (lumps bad!). When done all there is left is to add the melted butter and mix it in.

Put the dough in the heated cone waffle iron and bake it until it gets nice and crispy. Then quickly roll it into a cone and hold it for a while so it cools down a little.
  My changes
I added 2 t. corn starch and maybe ¼ C milk.
I added vanilla with melted butter
Changes I would make if I cooked them again:
¾ C flour and enough milk to thin batter so that it would fill waffle iron.  They needed to be thinner.
I placed waffle over smaller custard cup and put larger custard cup on top to form the bowls
 I had to bake them ( in the custard cups to hold their shape)in the oven to make them hard enough. 
1 T butter and 2/3 C chocolate chips melted in microwave.  Stir till smooth.  Apply to inside of bowl with spoon.
Banana Ice Cream
2C half and half
1 C whole milk
¼ t salt
1 t. vanilla
½ C sugar
2 T banana liquor(optional)
6 apple bananas mashed with 1 T lime juice
Heat half and half and milk to 175 degrees.  Add salt, sugar and liquor, vanilla.  Allow mixture to age in refrigerator overnight.  Freeze mixture in ice cream machine till it begins to thicken.  Add banana.  When ice cream is ready, pour into container and freeze overnight before eating.  Allow ice cream to soften slightly before serving.
Place chocolate lined waffle bowl on serving dish.  Add one scoop banana ice cream.  Top with quartered slightly sweetened fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

And, there you have it, courtesy of Nancy Bird, Banana Splits in Waffle Cups.

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Good job Nancy!!Looked good and tasted even better!!