Attack of the Strawberry Guava Gall

Or Belated Earth Day Meditation

It's not my usual sort of post, but maybe they should all be unusual. Anyway, I just couldn't resist this one. The Dept. of Agriculture here has plans to release an alien species of insect that causes galls on the leaves of the strawberry guava plant, reducing its fruit production, with the hope of slowing its spread into "native forests" - which of course, means THE ENTIRE ISLAND. Does anyone think the little insects will restrict themselves? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT.

And, does this make sense, to oppose alien species of plants by bringing in alien species of insects?
Now I realize where the gall attacking our local hibiscus (STATE FLOWER) came from, and the sudden strange disease on rose apple trees. Environmentalists run amok in the Dept. of Agriculture? At least on this one advance word has gotten out to the public ahead of time and we can protest. If that helps. The deadline is apparently May 23.

According to news reports I've read, we are currently in a time when famine is rampant worldwide and food prices are rising. The little strawberry guavas are a great source of vitamin C, full of nutrition and a local favorite for jams, jellies, juice, wine, etc. etc. Wildlife also love the fruit.

Next, I suppose will be all other food and ornamental plants, not "native" to the island. Pineapples, mangoes, lettuces, etc. anything you might grow in your gardens to eat or for flowers - they're all alien species.

You may email comments to tracyjohnson@fs.fed.us with a copy to oeqc@doh.hawaii.gov and savetheguava@gmail.com or call the USDA FS at 808 967-7122.