Pasta, a Better Lunch than Sandwiches, Faster Too!

 Left-overs are key here.  And, I had some good ones: asparagus, steamed and refrigerated, extra grated Parmesan, fresh pigeon peas, boiled and chilled, a little container of left-over spaghetti pasta and of course, the staples, an Olive Tapenade, which is important to have in your fridge, along with capers, and you could add anchovies, but the base is a combination of the noodles and olive oil, or preferably this great Tapenade, the chunky version with olives of several kinds, peppers, garlic and other spices in olive oil.  Just get some and keep it handy for pasta, pizzas or panini.  Do it, yes!

So all you do is heat a few heaping tablespoons of that wonderful Tapenade over medium, then when it starts to sizzle, add in all your extras with the pasta, toss til heated through and voila.   Is that easy or what?? Top with clippings of fresh parsley or minced basil, or....and the grated cheese.  Best lunch or quick dinner you'll ever have.  Guaranteed!  Sending this post to Beth Fish for her Week-end Cooking collection.


Marinated Mushrooms and Just Keep Getting Better, Awesome Pickles

Since these pickles turned out absolutely fantastic, I'm posting the recipe.  Because y'all are so nice, and totally deserve it.

Also giving the recipe for marinated mushrooms included with a mystery by Mignon F. Ballard, which I just finished. She writes very lightweight little confections, and adds recipes at the end for some of the dishes mentioned in each book.  This one happened to be called Claudia's Marinated Mushrooms.  So you might say it spoke to me.  In more ways than one, since I do love mushrooms (having been known to forage them against the advice of  husband and granddaughter) and marinated or pickled things.

I served the mushrooms as part of an antipasto plate for Resurrection Sunday dinner yesterday, to rave reviews.  Including my own.  Not the most photogenic of subjects, but superlative in taste.  Trust me.