Oh, Boy, Snow!

Mauna Loa snow
Well, isn't this festive? The nice thing is that it's up there and I'm down here. A choice is involved. Do I go up to the snow or not. Don't call me, I'll call you. Can you tell my choice is usually NOT to. There was a lot of snow on Mauna Kea, but the roads were closed, so grandpa took the nephew and grandkids to Mauna Loa instead. There, they had fun getting cold, wet and pumped throwing snowballs at each other and down their clothes. Uuueee!

Apparently, they weren't alone, there was a long line of cars and trucks going up and bringing snow back home, just for the heck of it. That's what we do in Hawaii.


Green Cabbage Rose

You've got to love these collard greens. They keep going on and on. Makes me feel like I've got a green thumb (I don't). I clip all the leaves, except a cluster of small ones in the center, and the next thing you know, there is another head ready. It looks a bit like a cabbage rose.

I've found the fastest way to cook them by far (would you believe 30 seconds) is from Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby's Big Flavors of the Hot Sun, a terrific book with lots of good tropical and hot zone recipes. The trick is to heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil on high heat, til beginning to smoke. Then, quickly saute the shredded, washed and de-stemmed greens , throwing in some salt and pepper (I also throw in some minced garlic). You stir like crazy for 30 seconds until they have wilted a bit and turned a nice bright green. After removing from the heat, add the juice of a lime, and some hot sauce. Yoww!

Then, there is the slow cooked with ham hocks, Southern method. I'm usually short on time, when I figure out what to fix for dinner, but after watching Dave fix collards on his video, I did try the longer cook method. I especially liked how he took those stems off in record time.


Still Thankful

Meet Scott, a friend of ours from way back, now living too far away. He is still an inspiration to many for his fantastic attitude, in spite of immense challenges. He has been paraplegic since the age of 17. He loves the Lord and, I believe, would credit that faith for his ability to live so successfully.

Are you at all depressed? Just having a pity party? Going through some horrific times? I recommend watching this short video. Here's another guy who will lift your spirits.
We have lots to be thankful for. Especially if we know Jesus.