Meal for a Recovering Invalid and Her Sous Chef

We, at Cook the Books Club have been reading, and posting recipes and reviews of our latest selection, Miss Cecily's Recipes for Exceptional Ladies, by Vicky Zimmerman.  I for one was in complete sympathy with the grumpy old lady, Miss Cecily.  After a bad fall in early November, spending the last few months in recovery and not able to get around as before, sob, sob.  Garden going to H... ; house as well and any projects on hold for the duration.  Well, I'm back at my computer at least, which is also acting wonky.  And, at the absolute deadline for the book post.  On the plus side, Bob has been stalwart throughout, my chauffeur and really big help and companion, as well as a great sous chef for the relatively simple meals we put together. Our daughter as well, taking off work and traveling with me to Honolulu for the surgeries, then back at home, making us delicious dinners and helping out with everything!  Thanks so much!

From the Library Journal:

"As 39-year-old foodie Kate approaches the dreaded 4--0, her stable life starts to unravel. Her job may be on the chopping block, but even more upsetting is when her soon-to-be live-in boyfriend says he needs to "retreat." To get her mind off her troubles, she volunteers to give food demos at a retirement home for elderly women, where she meets cantankerous 97-year-old Cecily, who disdains Kate's choices and how she wastes precious time on her boring job and unsuitable boyfriend. As relations begin to thaw a little and Cecily tells Kate about her adventurous life, Kate starts to wonder if Cecily is right. This is a fast and fabulous third-person read about life, loneliness, love, and the power of good food and friends. Zimmerman keeps things realistic, including Kate's modern relationship troubles (e.g., ghosting and a noncommittal boyfriend who constantly lets her down), frustrated friends, and an irritating mother. But Cecily, a mentor Kate meets by chance, is the real star, with her jaw-dropping insults, fascinating life story, and brusque but well-meaning advice. "